“I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited for this new year!”

Count how many times you hear that phrase – or a variation of it – in the next few days. There’s nothing wrong with being excited for a new year! The anticipation of “newness” is always full of energy and hope. You will soon have 365 blank pages to fill with adventure, accomplishments and dreams come true. You’ll see hard work pay off. You’ll be stronger, wiser, more experienced, a better you.2015 coming soon


I’ll admit, I’ve got the excitement in my bones as well. I’ll watch the ball drop on TV in Times Square and celebrate with friends and family, and sing “Auld Lang Syne”…or as much of the song as I actually know 😉

But there’s something more I want to focus on this 2015 year; and my sister actually summed up my musings perfectly with her latest post:

“What if this coming year we decided to let GRACE be our standard, instead of perfection? What would happen if in 2015 we lived more BOLDLY, LOVED more deeply and FORGAVE more freely? What if we were to resolute to BE ALL THERE, fully immersed in whatever the conversation, task, or occasion at hand?” –Monika Gauer

Tonight, thousands around the world will gather to ring in the new year. There will be tears. There will be laughter. There will be plenty of drinks and food and dancing and togetherness…and there will also be cold, lonely, hungry and forgotten ones who couldn’t care less about new year dawning. For them, it’s just another night- not filled with the hope and expectation, but with hopelessness and apathy. But what if we have the power to change their perspective? Just by reaching out, by showing love…by bettering more than just ourselves this coming year?

Happy New Year, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you change the world 🙂