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This Land is Good

“Get excited about the Promised Land before you. Yes, there’ll be giants in the land. But it’s a good land. Go take it, by faith.” – Susie Larson

The Israelites had finally reached their place of promise after years of slavery in Egypt, seeing the miraculous happen before their eyes, rejoicing and praising God, falling into false idol worship and pagan ritual in the desert, wandering and wailing and bickering and doubting…

God still brought them to the land “flowing with milk and honey” He had promised to give to them (Exodus 3:17). Even so, He was still good to them. Even so, they experienced the never-ending mercy and grace of the Lord.

And they froze when they saw the giants. They refused to move into their place of promise because they were afraid, and that fear kept them from taking hold of the blessings that were always theirs to begin with.

Have you ever considered that the Promised Land could still have obstacles?  Continue reading “This Land is Good”

Bold Humility

“Caleb asked her, “What can I do for you?” She replied, “Do me a special favor. Since you have given me land in the Negev, give me also springs of water.” So Caleb gave her the upper and lower springs.” – Judges 1:14-15

There’s a bold ask deep inside each and every heart.

It’s that desire you’ve been pondering, hoping against hope for, wondering if and how God will come through.

So, what holds us back from asking? You have not because you ask not…

Acsah had a bold ask. And she knew the only way she would know the answer was by boldly and courageously approaching her father with it. With respect and humility.

I love this tiny snippet of Hebrew history and a painting of God’s great love and favor toward His children. Mentioned twice in the Old Testament, this story is so important to our walk with God. You might glaze over the short paragraph in Joshua and Judges, but it deserves a second look.

Acsah (daughter of the famed man of God — and Joshua’s trusted friend — Caleb) saw a need and went to her father for the means to fill it. She needed streams of water in the desert lands she had been given. And she knew he loved her enough to listen and grant her request…and he gave her all that she asked and more.

Don’t we all long for streams of blessing in the seemingly desert areas of our lives?

Yes, God already knows what we need. He knows before we even think of it. But He’s a good Father who loves His children so much that He wants us to come to Him with our needs and desires. He wants to hear our voice. He longs to draw near and show us His goodness in the desert.

I have “desert” places in my life that I am lifting to the Lord daily. We all have them. We have been blessed beyond measure as it is — our lives are rich with goodness and faithfulness of God — but, like Acsah, we have that need…“Lord, do me a special favor…”

Today, I’m challenging you to be humbly bold. To ask God for that special favor and see what He does with your courageous dream. He is ABLE. He will never fail you. If what you’re asking is in His will for your life, then you can be sure that He WILL do it.

And how can you know that it’s His will? Through the Holy Spirit. Through spending time in the Word and in prayer. When you hear His voice and have that assurance and peace…you know.

So learn from Acsah. Prepare for more than you can ask or imagine. Because He who calls you is more than capable of doing immeasurably more.




Write It Down

“In the future, when your children ask you, ‘What do these stones mean?’ tell them that the flow of the Jordan was cut off before the ark of the covenant of the Lord. When it crossed the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan were cut off. These stones are to be a memorial to the people of Israel forever.” – Joshua 4:6-7

Recently, I was reading in the book of Joshua about God’s commandment to the Israelites to set up these “stones of remembrance” to memorialize His might and glory for future generations. And it got me thinking about my own ways of setting up those stones. One of my favorite things to do is to read back through my old journals. I have been keeping a pretty detailed record of my life since fourth grade, and it’s amazing to see how circumstances and challenges have evolved and changed over time, but with a very obvious thread of God’s goodness, faithfulness, and provision. In the moment, there were things I was facing that seemed impossible. But then, skipping ahead six months or year later, many of those situations had either taught me an important lesson or had a blessing in the resolution!

And if I hadn’t written it down, I wouldn’t have been able to go back and be reminded of God’s hand in it all.

I know we’re already halfway through January, but maybe this year we should all make a resolution to leave our own “stones”, however they may look, using whatever beautiful and unique talents God has given us. Maybe that means painting a picture, capturing the world from behind a lens, or writing a song.    30094_Writing_in_journal_to_GodYou’ll be amazed at what you have forgotten about five years down the road, and what these reminders will bring back to you. And meanwhile, we can praise Him now for what He is already doing, and for the sovereignty and faithfulness we will be drawn back to remembering in the future.

In the hardest moments, my own “stones of remembrance” bring me hope and anticipation that God has never left me hanging…and there is so much more to come!

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