“Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.” –  Colossians 2:7

I winced a bit as I gingerly wiggled the plant in its temporary potted situation. I needed it to come loose and put it in its new home — a spacious terra cotta. But this guy was adamant about staying packed into a makeshift home I had put him in last year after he fell off the windowsill (I’m trying to help you, buddy!!).

The job of replanting ended up requiring a butter knife, losing a few stems, and a big mess of roots and dirt before I was able to successfully dislodge him from his temporary housing into his more permanent (and much more comfortable!) place of growth.

And then I started thinking about life and how, as humans, we like what we know. We get comfortable, even when the place of “comfort” might not be what’s best for us. We are firmly wedged into our routines, schedules, families, friends, etc.

But what if uprooting is what’s best? What if there’s a BETTER place of promise beyond what we can see from our stubborn hold on what we think our lives should be?

I’m sure that my poor houseplant wasn’t too excited about being jostled and torn from its pot. I don’t think plants have a consciousness, but if they did, my plant would have been in agony — until it realized the new soil, refreshing water, and growth opportunity of the new home I placed it in.

We often don’t see the bigger picture until we are able to look back and say, “Ohhh ok, that makes sense now!”

Our God is in the uprooting business.

The moment you think you’ve figured out the plan, there’s always a curveball — an uprooting of sorts. Every season brings something new to trust Him with, place at His feet, and give Him the glory for the outcome. Sometimes, it’s physically or emotionally painful. Sometimes, our faith is tested to the very breaking point — and we find we can endure far more than we ever thought possible.

When the place of promise is GREATER than our tightly packed hopes and dreams, we have to be okay with opening our fists and releasing our fears. He knows what is the absolute best for us — just like I knew the bigger pot would be better for my little houseplant. So then, how much MORE does our Heavenly Father mercifully care for us?