“I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart;                                                                                        I will glorify Your name forever.” – Psalm 86:12


If you could do anything in this life, beyond what you think is “possible”, what would it be?

I used to answer that question with, “Become a famous music artist, travel, and play shows.” That was literally all I wanted to do.

The thrill of the stage, the lights, and the pounding of the music. Having people in the crowd below you shouting your lyrics and being moved by what you created. It’s adrenaline-inducing and addicting. To be known as your music and identified with your ability and praised for it.

And then, life shifts that perspective.

In the grand scheme of things, music will always be a part of who I am. But it’s not my identity. I needed to learn that when I faced my surgery and recovering in the months after. That need to be known as my ability was washed away, replaced with a new identity — my worth in Christ.

Through it all, I remain confident in my inheritance, my place as a daughter of the King, and my purpose here on earth to share my story of healing. Giving praise to HIM above all else.

It was never about me at all. I exist for His kingdom purposes.

If being a famous musician would have opened those doors, then life would have led me there. Never in a million years did I think I’d end up with a rare and life-threatening cancer and an incredible story of healing and victory through Jesus.

But that is my story and my song. And I am humbled to share it.

At the end of the day, when the music fades and the applause has died, it’s like standing on the empty stage with one spotlight illuminating the microphone. All that is left of the concert is the mess the crowd left behind and little wisps of dry ice fog still hanging in the air.

We are those little wisps. We are only a breath.

And what you do with that breath, with or without fame, is what matters at the end. I will never lose my love for the stage and the draw of music. I will never stop playing guitar or singing. I will never stop writing songs or sharing what God gave me as a talent.

But it’s not WHO I am. If I am ever famous for anything in this life, I hope it’s simply fame for what GOD has done in and through my life.

I pray that everything I do points right back to Him.