“Each moment is all we need, not more”. -Mother Teresa

The evening was warm and humid for a late September.

With a sliver of moon rising above me and the remnants of sunset fading into twilight, I was sitting on the balcony, arms wrapped around my knees. A flock of birds chased each other across my view, just barely missing the rooftops.

And I kept glancing down at Instagram. I had to literally force myself to push the phone away, if only for a few minutes, to take in the moment in front of me.

As a health coach, I’m constantly encouraging others to step away from the screen, focus on breathing, take a few minutes every day to meditate and remember to be mindful — even if that means simply taking time to savor the food you’re eating, looking up from the phone for a second to smile at a stranger, or even purposefully leave your device at home when you go out with a friend and give them your total focus.

And yet, here I was, fighting the urge to scroll mindlessly instead of focus mindfully. I was disappointed in myself that I couldn’t take 15 minutes without being concerned about someone else’s life.

So this week, I’ve made a decision; I’m focusing on me.

I’m choosing the things that make me happiest. To feed my soul the best way I know how. And to reconnect with God. Keeping myself accountable by writing these goals out so others will know them and hold me to them.

Autumn is an interesting season. It’s as if the whole world around us begins to turn off, shut down, and rest. As winter approaches, the icy cold and the blanket of white snow, a sort of “death” happens. And it’s easier to hibernate and waste a lot of time doing nothing than to push ourselves to work on mindfulness and reflection.

But what better time?

I want to experience the JOY of missing out. Of creating my home to be a safe space for comfort and warmth. Of focusing on my own goals and dreams instead of pining after anyone else’s Pinterest-perfect living room or Instagram-worthy career.

This season, I’m giving myself to healing, mindfulness, and reflection.

And I can’t wait to see the changes that will bring. Will you join me?