I am privileged and blessed to be here for the second year in a row to bring awareness to oral cancer. A year and a half has gone by so quickly!

It’s incredible to look back and see how God has worked my story into something completely NEW. Health coaching and educating others on health and wellness has become a passion that I never expected! And being able to give people the tools make better informed decisions about how to take care of themselves and their family, and therefore impacting future generations, is just so humbling. Because, why wouldn’t you want to understand stress management, save on medical bills, have increased energy, and improve self-confidence – just to name a few?!

The fact of the matter is, I should not be here today writing this post. I was given six months with the cancer having spread to my lymph nodes. I was supposed to have lung issues. I was supposed to see the spread throughout my body- all because I refused conventional, Western treatment.

One year and six months later, I’m healthier, stronger, more active, and best of all…completely cancer-free.

Oral cancer is not something to mess with. Oral care is so important: the chemicals you allow into your body through your mouth, the toothpastes, the artificial teeth-whiteners, the water you drink…so many environmental factors with pesticides in our food supply, chemicals in processed meals, and the lotions, soaps, and makeup you use on your skin DAILY…

All contributing to damaging your cell DNA, hurting your immune system, and leading to cancerous tumors, distressed lymphatic systems, and suppressed detoxification in the body.

Ladies and gentlemen, IT ALL MATTERS. Take it from someone who personally knows that making the right decisions about health and wellness means living healthier, happier, and free of disease…make the choice TODAY to investigate and live informed! Cancers are more prevalent in today’s society than ever before- with the leading cause of young adult deaths being caused by the TREATMENT of these diseases.

And you have the opportunity to make immediate changes to your lifestyle before you experience a life-changing diagnosis. Awareness is the first step. Preventative measures are the key.