“Doing less allows me to do better. Fewer responsibilities mean that I can focus on what is most important. What is most important to you? Just do that.” – Katie O. Selvidge, Editor/Founder of Cottage Hill

Well, 2017 has already turned out to be crazier than expected. And my very first mistake of the year has been wanting to say “YES!” to everything.

So, it’s already time to revamp, regroup, reevaluate.

My immediate response when I can’t get all of my goals completed is to be hard on myself. Be better! Try harder! It must be something I’m doing wrong!

I’m changing that. Right now.

  • I’m not going to stress when I don’t update this blog every Wednesday, on time. (HA, as I just realize that today is, in fact, Wednesday, and I wasn’t even ready to post this…)
  • I will get the new website up and running when I have the right content and the strongest launch, instead of losing sleep over the fact that I didn’t get the interviews ready yet.
  • Focus on the big projects I have going on right now, but in smaller pieces. Doing less, BETTER.

How about you? Have you hit a new year’s wall in your excitement? As founder and editor of Cottage Hill Magazine, Katie O. Selvidge, says in the above paragraph, the things we invest in become so much more meaningful and impactful when we have LESS on our plates.

Inhale, exhale. Above all, leave a little room to breathe.