“I thank my God always when I remember you in my prayers.” – Philemon 1:4

Welcome to week one of the Being Thankful Project.

It’s November, so naturally, everyone’s got Thanksgiving on the brain. Yes, that means literal pounds of food and family gatherings; the gateway to the Christmas season (aka, my favorite time of year!!!)…but this year, I want to be intentional about how I spend this month. I want to be intentional about where I set my mind and dwell in a place of thankfulness.

I’m a complainer. I admit it. It’s always too hot, too cold (okay, it’s ALWAYS too cold…haha), or I’m hungry, bored, tired, annoyed, frustrated…ew. This needs to stop. I want to rewire my brain into a spirit of grace and thanksgiving, and give the credit where credit is due: to God, the provider of this life that I am very privileged to have.

So, I decided to share my Being Thankful Project with you. Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to be posting about thankfulness and the specific role that plays in my life and circumstances. This week (because November is also National Caregivers’ Month), I am thankful for the people in my life who have taken care of me and supported me throughout the past year.

The word “support” can be defined as a verb and as a noun; it means “to bear all or part of the weight, to hold upright”. Caregivers are human support columns. And caregivers have a heavy burden on their shoulders. It takes a beautiful person and a gracious soul to stick with you when you’re sick, recovering, sometimes not “all there” due to medications or pain, when you need ’round the clock care, when you aren’t able to sleep and they stay up with you to keep you company, when all that is available to sleep on is a hard hospital chair. Making meals, assuring that you have your medication on time, wrapping and tending to wounds, helping you do basic things you’ve been doing independently since childhood.

Every single one of my needs was cared for, loved on, and patiently endured– especially when I was being unbearable. One of the people who I am thankful for is my mother. She cared for my dad while he was sick for years and then spent over six months in the hospital living there with him, only to turn around a few years later to care for me as I battled cancer (she also gave birth to me…so I guess I am forever in her debt, haha). I have been so blessed to have such an incredible support system and titanium-strong family unit, I sometimes take it all for granted…I will never know what it’s like to NOT have someone there for me. And for that, I am so grateful. 

This week, I challenge you to look around at your support system. Maybe you aren’t going through a sickness, but who can you lean on when times are hard? Who is there for you through thick and thin, unconditionally? Take time this week to appreciate those who love you and stand by you– thank God for them always!