“Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm.” – Ephesians 6:13

Our 21st-century life is filled with hashtags for everything. We #life, #adulting, #blessed, #neverstopexploring our every photo, every post, and every moment. It’s a way of tagging ourselves into a community of millions of people who all want to be heard, viewed, and appreciated. And sometimes, when we are in a beautiful place, or experiencing something beyond words, we feel #allthefeels.

All the feels. Not always easy in a spiritual sense.

Feelings are so unpredictable. Sometimes, I can easily pinpoint a trigger or a reason, and other times, feelings and emotions hit me out of nowhere and I need a second (or an hour…or a month…) to process what my emotions are saying to me. Many times, they aren’t even TRUE feelings – rather, they are a product of overthinking, fatigue, hunger, discontentment, and distraction or losing focus.

Thank God that salvation and grace is not based on how I feel in the moment. Maybe you don’t see immediate results of following hard after Christ…sometimes the feeling isn’t what you thought it would be. God is true to all of His promises, but we doubt, we struggle, and we fight our emotions. Yet, we know that one day, we will stand before the Lord and He will reward us for our perseverance through all the craziness of life, through the heartbreak, through sickness, through broken relationships, through all the disappointment and unknown times when it was all you could do to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. 32317_Trail_Hike_6

This idea of putting on the whole armor of God is so powerful in guarding our hearts, minds, and spirit in Christ Jesus. Helmet of Truth– where the thoughts begin and end. Breastplate of Righteousness– protecting our hearts from the lies of Enemy. Sword of the Spirit– because we are in a constant battle for our souls that cannot be taken lightly. Circumstances shift and change in this life. But His Truth never wavers. Knowing where we stand in Christ when the nights are long and the journey is weary is what keeps us pressing on instead of falling away and turning our back on God.

And all of those feelings that come and go only serve to distract us from the greater purpose of our lives on this earth; serving Christ wholeheartedly, knowing that someday soon, we will be with Him in Eternity. What emotions and distractions are you allowing to sneak into your heart? Where are you losing ground spiritually because you rely on a feeling? Ask God to show you when those feelings are TRUE and when they are completely misleading. He gives us the discernment when we ask for it. Philippians 4:7 says it plainly: “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

I’m taking a spiritual step back from “all the feels” today. I want to hear from God. And I want to press on through the battle; to be living in Truth.