“The right attitude is to always keep your plans submitted to God. Make your plans but say, “God, if this is what You want, this is the direction I’m going to go. I’m doing this with flexible faith.” -Rick Warren

Thanksgiving. I’ve been thinking fondly about the turkey, the stuffing, the time with family and the fe34038_Thanksgiving_tableeling of warmth and love that seems to surround the holiday season. And despite all I have faced this year, devastating losses and triumphant victories…I am so incredibly and undeniably thankful.

I love that above quote by Rick Warren. This concept of “flexible faith” is something I’ve been reflecting on over the past few weeks. I am thankful for the curveballs and the opportunity to take a step back and see a bigger picture. It’s still fuzzy and gray, and I have no idea what’s next as I continue this journey of healing. I thought I knew where God wanted me and what I was on track for…and then, in a whirlwind of totally unforeseen events and circumstances, I am in a completely different place now – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Flexible faith means trusting God in everything. Literally, everything. What do you do when everything you thought was true and concrete suddenly changes, and you are thrown off of a course you could see so clearly? You heard God’s voice, you were seeing doors opening, you were confident in the plan…but now, you’re standing in a hallway, and you’re caught between waiting and wanting. Being still and doing something. Praying fervently for fresh vision, renewed passion, and believing He’s never failed…and regardless of your circumstances, He won’t fail you now either.

This holiday season, I’m thankful for all of the blessings in my life…including this opportunity to seek, to wait, and to fully trust. I’m embracing this opportunity to watch as something new unfolds before me. Allowing myself to submit completely to a plan I can’t yet see…doing it all with flexible faith.