I feel like I’m always trying to beat the clock. Whether I’ve overslept my alarm, trying to see if I can squeeze in just one more episode on Netflix before bed, hoping for more hours in the day between meetings and work and friends…it gets exhausting! And the things that truly matter most (i.e. my health and well-being) get put on the very bottom of the priorities list because “Oh, I can get to that later.”

Lately, God’s been tugging at my heart to really reevaluate and regroup. I find, especially when I’m dealing with some hard things in my life, I tend to get busy, desperately filling every hour with something so that I can avoid the downtime. No time for reflection or feeling sorry for myself! No time for pity parties! And no time…to hear God speaking to me through the quiet moments.  25085_Baptism_Prayers

There are times in my life when opening my Bible and spending those precious moments with Jesus is so easy to do, and I feel so close to Him. I’m not anxious, there’s such a peace about it, and I let it carry me with confidence throughout each day. But then there are days when those moments are a distant memory. There’s conflict, unresolved situations that have caused such damage and pain, and my first instinct is to run to the next busy thing- straight past the open, loving arms of my Savior.

Today, I’m determined to fight the “busy”. Breakthrough, forgiveness, victory and peace can only be found in Christ, and through Him I can do the impossible things…which includes slowing down and letting myself feel. Grieve if necessary, and heal because it is absolutely vital. If it means having to say no to that lunch invitation, pass on a project to someone else, having a day to just refocus and breathe…it’s ok to do that! Don’t let the excuse of “There’s not enough time!” drain the life out of your relationship with God. It’s so easy to do…and so dangerous to become a habit. Even if you just need that second to remember His presence and His love, use it.

There’s enough time today.