“What we’ve learned is this: God does not respond to what we do; we respond to what God does. We’ve finally figured it out. Our lives get in step with God and all others by letting Him set the pace, not by proudly or anxiously trying to run the parade.” -Romans 3:27-28 (The Message)

My faith. My plan. My spiritual journey.

We live in such a self-centered universe. Even when it comes to conversations about God and our relationship with Him, how often are we so centered on ourselves and reflecting on what kind of “Christian” we are…over-analyzing and over-thinking of our actions and words and deeds, always striving to be better and do better and patting our “spiritual” selves on the back when we feel like we’ve got it right (better than those people!)…instead of reflecting on what GOD is doing?

I think we can get so caught up in the DO’S and DON’TS of our faith, that we miss the big picture. We miss the opportunities for God to work in our lives because we are so focused on the “boundaries” rather than the freedom created by those boundaries, brought to life by Jesus’ sacrifice. 2014-11-15 09.50.07 1_resized

The ladies at She Reads Truth had a quote on their website that I wanted to share: He calls us to repent of both our sins AND our righteousness…Go ahead and pay your tithe, but give God your heart.

BOTH sins AND righteousness??? OUCH!!!

I can easily (perhaps also embarrassingly or ashamedly) pinpoint my sins…but my righteousness too?! You mean…those times I cast judgment, or feel like my Christianity is better than THEIR Christianity, or that my faith is stronger than someone else’s, or my pretentiousness about my knowledge of the scriptures and God’s love for ME…have you ever felt that way?

There is only ONE GOD. And He is the God of both the “saved” and the “unsaved”…”saint” and “sinner”…And honestly, we all fall into the same boat- we just might have different ways of falling! No matter how great we think we’re doing, there is always going to be something we need to repent of. Something needing to be removed so that we can grow. Something that God is using to do a mighty work in our lives…if we’d just stop focusing on ourselves.

Let God set the pace. It’s different for everyone, and we don’t have the right to expect someone to be running at the same speed as you or me. And the pace changes with every season of life. The key is enjoying the journey, giving it all to God, and repentance…humility…mercy and grace for those times of weakness when I want to be oh so very proud of “my strength” in God.

Lord, help me today to repent my sins AND my righteousness. Help me to surrender it all.